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Madrassa Tul Madina

Dawat-e-Islami is striving to ensure that the young Muslims of today are receiving an Islamic education. Madrasa tul Madina currently has approximately 270,000 young children learning for free, in a secure and safe environment. Dawat-e-Islami has over 6000 Madrasa tul Madina’s across the world helping hundreds of thousands of young Muslims to seek Islamic knowledge. Across the entire Midlands area your Dawat-e-Islami has a network of Madrasa Tul Madina’s and are ready to provide the essential Islamic education your children require.

Welcome to Madrasa-Tul-Madinah

Welcome to Madrasa-Tul-Madinah

We welcome you to Madrasa-Tul-Madinah UK, a department of Dawat-e-Islami UK.

A traditional Madrasa system with many branches throughout the UK & abroad, an international & professional institution that has been set up for the main purpose to enlighten the heart and minds of our Muslim boys & girls and secure the roots of Islam that will enable them to grow up knowing, understanding & practising their religion.

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